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Tongyue’s manufacturing department is divided into No.1 workshop production and No. 2 workshop. The No. 1 workshop is mainly responsible for the preliminary heavy production of the equipment, and the No. 2 workshop is responsible for the subsequent installation of electrical automation. The workshop productions are all executed in accordance with orders; each step of production must be tested to ensure the production quality.


The veterans at the Manufacturing Department has more than 10 years of production and technical experience in the nitrogen industry, who have rich knowledge on the equipment and precise judgment of the onsite conditions. Under their guidance, a group of new forces have been cultivated, to serve as the company's after-sales engineers, workshop directors and other technical positions.


Every year, the company’s executives will lead the technical department to participate in domestic and international trade shows, to grasp the development trend of the market, learn the advantages of other equipment, and introduce new technologies, to constantly improve the use value of the equipment.


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